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I loved it! I played all 4 endings and every of them was interersting in its own way

I loved the artstyle but there wasn't any music and I had to add it myself.

I really love the artstyle of the game! Really compelling story too! Everything is just beautiful!

*even if this is ytp, I really do like everything in this game!

I usually never comment on the games I play, but this one struck me differently than those games so I feel like you deserve one.

I really love this game. It's heavier on the characterization, which I like. I truly felt like I got attached to Jack, Grace, and Anna. It's nice that we actually learn about the characters before making the choices at the end. And about the choices, they're actually easy to make instead of the usual visual novel where you just kind of guess which choice works in your favor, though it also fits with the game on how you learn more about them before actually choosing which person to end up with.

Now I'm going to talk about my choice of ending and more about the plot, so spoiler warning: Grace just wasn't the type of character I could imagine Jack living with, so I went to the ending where I killed her off and stayed with Anna. Kind of an asshole choice from me, to be honest, but I did read the wolf and sheep story wrong at first and thought Jack killed Anna's family (which ended up being right), and I liked Anna over Grace (and Anna, by the way, is an amazing yandere that reminded me of that one Stephen King novel, Misery, so good work on building her up that way), so that ended in the most logical conclusion I could think of. As for why I saw it as Jack killing Anna's family, I'm not sure. The thing that struck me hard was the fact that he didn't actually see his memories, rather taking the book at face value and mistaking the wolf for Anna. And again, I read it wrong at first, so when the plot twist came, I wasn't too surprised. Oops.

However, overall I was impressed with the game and I hope I can see more games from you in the future.

Hey there, this is the one and only VN that I deeply curious about. I've only play for 1 hour or so but there are so many questions going on in my head. Can someone spoil it out for me? About Jack, Anna and Grace past? I like how you develope the character emotions, especially Jack. The atmosphere in this game always gives me a chill. I love it, kudos for you Andy!

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Loved it. After playing One Thousand Lies (another short, sweet VN ported to Android) I was craving for something of the sorts. Good balance between a super engaging story and pace. Normaly VNs tend to be slow-paced, sometimes way too much to my liking, and this hit the sweetspot, and for that I'm grateful. I don't know if this is your first shot at writing and putting it out there. If so, kudos to you. Massively surprised. I've only watched 2 out of the 4 endings (that I would consider to be the good and good+ endings, perhaps) but I'm glad about their conclusions. :)

Only thing bothering me is... what was Grace's backstory? I feel like it was "there" but I wouldn't mind somebody clarifying it for me.

i think (im not sure) maybe her family was killed when she was a little girl?

I liked this VN. It was short but emotionally resonating. Especially the part about friendships. 

as a fellow game developer, I will give this a 10/10.. the art style was cool, music design was great. But there's one thing I didn't understand (or am I just dumb), I know there's a lot of clues regarding grace's past but I can't piece it together, Can someone clarify these to me


 and also, when grace broke up with jack, she live with don right? so does that mean they did it so that grace would survive? i really want to know.

for the developer, if you're doing a game again, we can do a collab. I'm proficient in C# and C++ (unity and unreal engine). hit me up if you wanna work together (doing this for free since this is my passion)

I would really like to know the answer to that as well. Anna implied a few things but we never got any confirmation

I think for you question about Grace living with Don she was lying about that because remember at the part where jack and Anna burn grace’s belongings in the field when they are leaving jack looks back at the stuff and says he sees someone in a window of an abandoned building which we later find out is indeed grace since Anna claims they burned the items in front of her so I think that after grace left jack and quit her job she ended up living in that abandoned building but didn’t wanna reveal that

in the end where you don't kill either, what happens to jack ?, is he dead or is he still alive ?, I really don't understand what happened

Alive. They mend their ways and promise to "try" to let go of the past. 


I loved it, really good.


This was a nice experinece. A really creepy love triangle. It is just a good game.


Love the psychology of the characters in this game, as well as the tense atmosphere and engaging twists. 

I do feel a lot of the endings were rushed, the "Anna/Jack" ending being the one exception (and I did see you comment that it came out the most naturally?). I also feel it would have been interesting to see events from Grace's POV, especially since we already see from the other two main characters.

Overall, an engaging visual novel. Definitely one of my favorite video games of all time.

Ohh my goddd....this words...Magnificent work done by the creator..I completed this within 2hrs and i truly wish to make a vol 2 for it..


No seuquel? Man, these story is awesome! truly inspirings, its a shame it ended her. but.. wow.. I spend 4 hours of my life playng these, reading it, at the end I was like, Oh ARe You Serious?! when I have to decide to kill or not kill Grace and Anna.. when you dont kill anyone, those words at the end,, they where truly insipiring, Thanks man

Question?, why is the game style similar to Doki Doki Literature Club? Are you working with team salvato?


Definitely not. Doki Doki is more Horror than Sad/Romantic. 'Cuz this game has a balanced Horror and Sad/Romance. Truly beautiful

ok that makes more sense thank you

Both games are made using the Ren'py Visual Novel Engine.


To the people who disliked the game. They're just some boring a*s guys who were expecting to see a murderer running off and killing people! Awful! This story isn't about CRIMINAL ACT! It's about a man who's loneliness killed until Grace shows up and changes his life. --Spoiler ahead-- in the end, choose to not kill Grace nor Anna and you'll see when Jack says "You need as much people in your life, if you had only one, and if that one left you, you would crumble. It's like a home with only one wall" MASTERPIECE. This game reminds us that friendships and relationships are the meaning of life!!!!! This was not a game, this was a life-time advise. It was like watching a 10.0 rated movie. Man this made me cry hard.

To Andy.... man... thank you, you gave us a life-time advise which I will never forget. You're the best man I've ever encountered even though your behind that screen. Love you and your game, and I surely want more visual novels like this to come ahead!


i hope there is a 2 i wonder who that other friend of Jack is?

There is not a sequel planned, sorry


The sense of dread I got from the very second I started this game up hinted to me that I was in for quite a ride with this one.

Of course, the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw horror and visual novel was the infamous Doki Doki Literature Club, which traumatised me a couple of Christmases ago when I first played it.

The thing is though, despite the foreboding, despite all of my senses telling me to not do it, I still downloaded this, and am still currently working my way through it.

What I've experience so far has been amazingly well put-together. The story is gripping, and I still have no idea which way it's going to go. The character design and music are outstanding too, and when it comes to this kind of game those elements are what can make or break you.

I'm sure I'll have more to say when I get through to some kind of ending, but for now I just wanted to say that this game has me on the edge of my seat every time I load it up... and I love/loathe every second of that in equal measure!

Keep up the awesome work Andy, this is a mini-masterpiece! =)


When I first read the title I thought it was gonna be a weird game where you meet girls and choose whether you would kill or love them. I didn't not realize the beauty of a game that I was about to step my foot in. This VN felt like I was addicted to an anime and I couldn't stop going through it till I reached the end (which totally took me longer than it should have). I'll be honest, the little happy ending you added in the end felt kind of off. I definitely wouldn't forgive someone for taking my mans, tying me up, and then pulling out my teeth lol. Anyways, I'm excited to see what else you make with your amazing writing skills!


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I love the story even though I wish there were more options but, it's fun to speculate what is really  going on so far. I this is going to be a 4 video series on my channel. Can't wait to play more!!


Who killed the dog?

I wish I knew

good question


Just started this game a few days ago and it was great! :D
I am loving the story so far. I haven't finished it yet.
Story is well written and I can't wait to finish it soon.
Keep up the great work!


This game...This damn game...It should be put In a museum! I goddamn love it so much. This game needs more appreciation, love, support!! Like, fr..Good job andy. ^-^


This game is something

I love it


Hey Andy, 

You've made an amazing visual novel. The writing was astounding. The way you wrote the story got me super tense, and I could feel the goosebumps as I read it. Most of the visual novel games I've player were like danganrompa, root letter, and ace attorney, where there were a lot of interacting elements. However your game didn't need that. I was felt more immersed into the story and your writing shined more because of that.

Overall I enjoyed it and I highly recommend this game.

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Heya Andy,

First and foremost i'd like to preface this by saying that this was my first VN. I don't really have much experience in this field and the only reason i downloaded it was because the runtime wasn't very long, i made this account just to make a comment here expressing my thoughts.

But man, did this grip me. From the first time i read "Im going to kill someone, probably." to doing all 4 of the endings, i couldn't stop reading. The consistent good writing and the unique spin on the frankly boring Yandere archetype was very, very refreshing. It made me very tense at moments, with a title like "Kill or Love" i expected the homeboy Jack to get killed at every turn, fearing he fucked up in some way.

Piecing together Grace her past was an interesting endeavor too, i feel like people can have multiple ways of perceiving it, it's cleverly done.

Visually, the game looked great. I'd like to give a shoutout to the artist who drew all the sprites. I know most of the backgrounds are just pictures with a Photoshop filter over them (i think, please correct me if im wrong..) but they fit in well regardless.

Though, my biggest gripe are the endings. Which would you considering the canon one? Is there a canon one at all? I personally felt no satisfaction with any of them, save for the Anna route.  Though i do feel all the endings make sense in the context of how the player perceives the characters, and what they ultimately decide is right in this situation after being with Jack, and what Jack would do after remembering what his past was.

How did you come up with the ending where Jack kills the girls, then commits suicide? As i mentioned, it's not unrealistic for the character. I can see why he would do it, but i'm just curious as to how you came up with it.

Overall, i'd definitely give this a glowing approval, not that it means much from some random dude, but i don't think ill be forgetting Kill or Love anytime soon and definitely will be exploring more VNs in the future now that i've seen what the medium can really accomplish.

I'm greatly looking forward to your next VN, don't stop writing, you have real talent!

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Thank you very much. There are many great VNs out there for you to try next, but I should say that, in my opinion, they're generally paced more slowly than Kill or Love. This is not to say that they are better or worse for that, but it's something to keep in mind. For example, Umineko, probably my favorite visual novel (or series of visual novels, I guess), is 80 hours long. Good luck getting through that in one sitting.

Each ending is as valid as you want it to be. There is no canon. As for that one ending, it came to me so effortlessly I can't properly tell you how it happened. Everything about it felt inevitable, after those two choices. The opposite ending, the one where everyone lives, was much harder for me to write. It was difficult to not make it cheesy or forced, especially with the little time I had (I didn't want it to drag on). It is so tonally different from the other endings, and from the rest of the story, too, but I think I handled it decently. Jury's still out on whether I made it cheesy or not, though.

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Hey man, thanks for the reply.

First and foremost, i'll definitely give Umineko a shot. Second of all, i can sort of understand what you mean. Jack, a man who feels deep guilt for murdering 2 innocents, just stabbed 2 more people. As a way to sort of pay for his crimes, he decides to commit suicide instead of living with the burden of the crushing guilt that he must've felt at that point.

It's for sure an interesting wrap-up, and despite how i said i felt no satisfaction with 3 out of 4 of the endings, i feel like you went about it in a very smart way.

Have a good one!

ps, the ending was cheesy as hell


good writing good dialogue

don't think i've breezed through a VN before. the music, writing, art and sound come together here in a very natural way that i have not really seen before even in paid VNs

i particularly liked the very punchy writing (" a fist that wouldn't unclench"), the tangible effects of the character's paranoia ("then a door slammed shut somewhere in the building"), and the fact that the story didn't need to take 5+ hours in order to get going ("i am going to kill someone. probably")


Thank you, that means a lot to me - the points you mention are exactly the things I tried my hardest to do right


Hey wait a min this game was published on my birthday now that makes me like the game even more

Happy birthday!


I've never been a huge fan of visual novels but this one is AMAZING! I loved the storyline and the plot twist just made it even better. The charecters and their sprites are also great. You can easily sympathize with Grace and even Anna after knowing what happened to her, wich makes it difficult to make those 2 choices at the end.

Speaking about choices, I felt like there could be more of them besides those 2 at the end so you would  be able to interact more with the story, but that's fine. I did all 4 different endings and they were realy good.

The only thing that bothered me was Grace's "secret" about her family and the fact that the game simply doesn't tell you what is it. Also, after she tells Jack about it, that's never even mentioned again wich means that it wouldn't make much a difference if it wasn't there in the first place, so it I fells like it was kind of a waste. But everything besides that is pretty much perfect.

Kill or Love is a great VN and I strongly recommend it.


I'm glad you liked it! Regarding the thing that bothered you: it is never stated explicitly, but there are clues in the story of what the "secret" is. To me it felt more interesting and more tasteful to leave it at that. And although it isn't mentioned overtly later on, it does influence Grace's actions significantly.

I hope it makes more sense to you now


Yeah, I did realize some of those clues about her past but it was still kind of unclear to me. Don't get me wrong, having those clues scattered around and influencing her actions did make it interesting to theorize about what could be that secret. To be honest, what bothered me in particular was the fact of her telling Jack about it and then the game simply "hiding" it from you... maybe the real issue was just my own curiosity.

I also felt like it could be more interesting if the story developed more about that "secret" as it would make you sympathize even more with Grace, but that's just an idea of mine. She's a great character overall.


Just by curiosity, what inspired you to make this VN ?


I felt I could add my own little twist to the yandere archetype, specifically regarding characters' motivation. Another reason I made it was to see how well my writing would be received by a wider audience, since before this I'd only shown it to my friends.


Turns out it was a great idea. I hope you keep up with your great work!


Holy crap. This is one of the greatest visual novel I've ever played. The storyline is amazing, and the plot twist is just..Perfect honestly. I love it! This is such a great game. But one question..Are you gonna make another VN? ^^


Yes, I definitely will make another VN! It's very, very early in production, but it's coming. Thank you for your support!


Alright! I'll make sure to play it when it comes out. Annndddd...You're welcome! :>

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Loved your VN and I knew that it would take me longer than your 2 hour estimated playing time as I read these visual novels out loud when I livestream them.  I went over all four endings and gave my final thoughts as well.  (Spoiler Alerts)   I highly recommend playing this great VN yourself!

Great first VN to the developer Andy Church!

You can find my livestream done on Twitch re-uploaded to my Youtube channel in it's nearly 5 hour long entirety HERE:


Thank you! Five hours is a bit much for me to watch haha, but I did watch some of it! I'm glad you liked it, and keep up the great work!


I usually get bored of visual novels pretty quickly but this game is so investing that I couldn't stop playing, The story is incredible and even when you think you might know where the story will go next you really don't, I very strongly reccommend this game, it's the perfect blend of everything! Amazing experience


Thank you. This means more to me than you could know